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Find and Split Command

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How to Use ‘find’ Command to Search for Multiple Filenames (Extensions) in Linux.
find . -type f \( -name “*.png” -o -name “*.jpg” -o -name “*.deb” -o -name “.pdf” \)


How to Split Large ‘tar’ Archive into Multiple Files of Certain Size
Syntax: split options file “prefix”
split -b 10M home.tar.bz2 “home.tar.bz2.part”

Xxplanation: split the files with 10 mb and the new file names should be as home.tar.bz2.parta,home.tar.bz2.partb,home.tar.bz2.partc etc..

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Regular expressions and Apache Mod_rewrite explanation in details

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Linux Command to get the process starts details

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Below is command to get the process details like starting time etc..

ps -olstart <PID>

Note: This will work in redhat/suse etc..

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Oracle Database Administration Solutions

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Hi All,

Here is one of the best blog and this will helpful for Oracle DB admins




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to find the complete stack

jstack -m <PID>

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network troubleshooting handy websites

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Nice tools which we need to use for every system support engineer handy to troubleshoot the Portcheck,tracert,dns,nslookup,email issues etc…



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